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Captain 660
• 4/14/2018

MD gets strange sometimes

Many countries started choosing unexpected ideological paths in their focus trees. For example, Britain has chosen to go communist and abolish the monarchy, Germany choosed the Legacy of the Reich focus (I'm playing with the russian translation mod, I may be wrong), Ukraine and Belarus chose to go communist, Iraq has gone social democrat, many North African countries chose communism, Burundi chose fascism (as did the Solomon Islands, Micronesia and Latvia. Also there were some seriously good looking generic looking portraits for Micronesia and Latvia). Anybody know what may be the issue?
I think that the Border Conflicts Everywhere mod affected the gameplay in some way.
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Captain 660
• 4/28/2018
you gotta turn historical focuses on
• 5/2/2018
Thanks, Haha180. I won't.
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