kewl magicc tricc 2 manipulate ur gem n git gud


To trigger an event, open the console, type "event " and then follow it up with the respective event code.Event For additional commands not specific to Millennium Dawn, check out the Hearts of Iron 4 Official Wiki's Console commands page.

Event code Effect
cheat.1 Disband all factions
cheat.2 Disband NATO
cheat.3 Disband CSTO
cheat.4 Disband PSF (2016 start only)
cheat.5 Create the factions of WW1
cheat.6 Create the factions of WW2
cheat.8 Every country gets a random ideology
cheat.9 Create the Holy Roman Alliance at war with the Commonwealth Alliance
cheat.10 Pick your population growth
political.1 to political.12 Ideology coup (order of ideologies: fascist[1], nationalist[2], communist[3], islamist[4], reactionary[5], conservative[6], libertarian[7], social liberal[8], social democratic[9], progressive[10], democratic socialist[11], monarchist[12])
political.13 to political.24 Political rallies (order of ideologies: islamist[13], fascist[14], nationalist[15], monarchist[16], reactionary[17], conservative[18], libertarian[19], social liberal[20], social democrat[21], progressive[22], socialist[23], communist[24])
political.25 to political.48 Increase/decrease ideology influence (order of ideologies: islamist[+25,-26], fascist[+27,-28], nationalist[+29,-30], monarchist[+31,-32], reactionary[+33,-34], conservative[+35,-36], libertarian[+37,-38], social liberal[+39,-40], social democrat[+41,-42], progressive[+43,-44], socialist[+45,-46], communist[+47,-48]).