Iceland Edit

Generics Edit

The Republic of Iceland is (surprisingly) a Major Nation in the North-West of Europe which borders no other Nations due to Iceland being an Island.

2000 Starting Values and Spirits Edit

Icelands starts with a high Stability (65) and a Stagnant Birth Rate. Their Government Policies are Disarmed Nation, Export Focus, Civilian Economy, Moderate Taxes and Heavily Regulated.

Iceland has No Spirits at the Start of the Game in both 2000 and 2016. They can be attainted through Events and the Focus Tree though.

Parties Edit

Party Leader (2000) Leader (2016) Popularity 2000 + 2017
Social Liberal Ólafur Ragnar Grímson Guðni Th. Jóhannesson 25%
Social Democrat Eggthor Hjörtursson No Change 5%
Progressive Aage Astrathursson No Change 10%
Reactionary Sturlaugr Oddleifsson No Change 2%
Socialist Dagbjartur Vagnsson No Change 10%
Communist Vagn Eggthorsson No Change 10%
Conservative Freyr Baldursson No Change 30%
Libertarian Hjörtur Thorarensen No Change 6%
Monarchist Lórens Vagnsson No Change 0%
Nationalist Lórens Vagnsson No Change 1%
Fascist Vagn Eggthorsson No Change 0%
Islamist Oddleifur Björnsson No Change 1%

National Focus Tree Edit


1st Line (Expansion of Industry) Edit

  • The Line adds an additional Research Slot, a few Building Slots, Civilian Factories, Naval Forts, Naval Ports and 68 Aluminium on the Island. Additionally, It speeds up Research, Construction, etc. Also, It only has 10 Slots, from which you can pick 9.

2nd Line (Political) Edit

  • Various Options that can increase your Army by an substantional Amount or make your Island into a little Bastion. It also boosts Construction / Production Speed and adds an alright amount of Experience.
  • You're able to create Alliances and befriend Nations such as Russia, China, Finland, etc.
  • You can demand the Independance of Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

3rd Line (Diplomatic) Edit

  • You can increase your opinion with Baltic, Nordic and West European Countries.