• IRussian Federationl

Generics Edit

The Russian Federation is a Major Eurasian Country which borders the various Nations Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Abkhazia, Georgia, South Ossetia, Chechnya (2000), Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. It's the biggest Nation in Millennium Dawn.

Starting Values and Spirits Edit

The Russian Federation is the Leader of the CTSO in both 2000 and 2016.

In 2000, Russia starts with only Low Stability (35), Negative Birth Rate, Volunteer only, Export Focus, Civilian Economy, Moderate Taxes and Heavily Regulated.

Due to this, The Russian Federation starts with 85% National Unity, 2 Political Power, only 48.320 Manpower (Yet, you start with 430 thousand Men in the Field), 63 Factories (of which 13 are Military, 6 Naval Dockyards and 44 Civilian), no XP in any Category and 467 Convoys. The Country also starts with the Nuclear Bomb Technology but no Reactors.

In 2000, they get the following Spirits:

  • Permanent UNSC Member - Additional 0.15 Political Power daily, Eligible to create Factions.
  • Corrupt Oligarchy - 10% less Political Power income, 10% less Factory Output

In 2016, they lose Corrupt Oligarchy but keep any other they have. They additionally receive:

  • Path of Order - Drift towards Fascism, Nationalism, Monarchism and Reactionary +0.04 daily. Said Spirit will be removed once the Game reached June 2018.
  • Public Service Investment - 5% less Factories will be assigned for Consumer Goods
  • Putinism - 25% more Political Power gain and +0.01 Reactionary Drift daily.
  • EU Sanctions - 0.2 less Political Power gain daily and 5% more Factories will be assigned for Consumer Goods

Parties Edit

Party Leader (2000) Leader (2016) Popularity (2000) Popularity (2016)
CPRF (Communist) Gennady Zyuganov No Change 30.00% 18.43%
PR (Socialist) Gennady Semigin No Change 1.00% 0.88%
Progressive Party Alexei Navalny No Change 0.00% 2.85%
CP (Social Democrat) Sergei Mironov No Change 1.00% 12.61%
Yabloko (Social Libe.) Grigory Yavlinsky Emilia Slabunova 6.00% 2.85%
RPR (Libertarian) Mikhail Kasyanov No Change 0.00% 0.00%
RD (Conservative) Sergey Kiriyenko Boris Titov 9.00% 0.88%
United Russia (React.) Vladimir Putin No Change 46.00% (In Power) 47.51% (In Power)
Romanov (Monarchism) Nicholas Romanov No Change 0.00% 1.38%
LDPR (Nationalist) Vladimir Zhirinovsky No Change 7.00% 10.64%
Great Russia (Fascist) Andrey Savelyev No Change 0.00% 1.41%
Islamist Vladimir Frolov Mikhail Denikin 0.00% 0.00%